Rejuvenate those old tote bags!!!

This is one of the more charming ideas I've come across lately! And I'm excited to blog about it. How many of you have a drawer full of those old tote bags? I must have a dozen or more of just the recycle bags, alone!!!  Okay, tell me how cute this is! 

Now, I can think of a bazillion people to gift these to! First of all my mother would love one of these for Mother's Day. And I know my grandmother would have loved this, too!  I have friends who shop with these instead of paper or plastic. And I'm making one, or two ;), for myself. I can see myself carrying my groceries out of the store in these.  This is one of those times when being called a bag lady wouldn't be so bad!

If you don't have a stack of these freebies laying around, you can always buy your tote bags and go from there.
I love the rosettes. I think you could add so many cute embellishments! ...Buttons, old costume jewelry, pom poms, spray fabric paint, feathers (they are hot right now)...

Create and add these darling felt Dahlias.

Another flower example.

This could even be a great no-sew project if you used the iron on tape to adhere the ruffles and fabric glue to fasten the buttons or rosettes. Pinterest has loads of ideas for creating rosettes and other embellishments. And other DIY projects. For the sewing tutorial on this project visit Susie's page.


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